Boost Your Team’s Collaboration Through Voice Chat!6 min read

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Boost Your Team’s Collaboration Through Voice Chat!6 min read

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Your business strategy is incomplete without proper communication. Likewise, technology is constantly evolving, and you must keep up. The key to managing your team’s collaboration is implementing a variety of communication methods. An example of this is the voice chat. Learn what voice chat is and why it should be part of your internal communication and collaboration strategy.

Voice chats: What is it?

Whether you communicate by email, text, video call, or instant messaging, you know how difficult it can be to convey important information. Aside from composing the right message taking time and being difficult, misunderstandings can also hinder the bottom line by further delaying responses. But it doesn’t stop there. Even though you can write emails and send instant messages, they lack a crucial element: a voice with personality and sincerity. The voice is essential for effective, meaningful communication.

Plus, if your team differs from one another in time zone, long-distance and international phone calls can be costly and inefficient, costing you time and money.

How Does Voice Chat Work?

How does voice chat work? Despite the similarities between a traditional phone call and voice chat, the technology used is not the same.

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) method converts your voice into multiple data packets and sends them over the internet. As soon as the packets arrive, they are reassembled and transformed into sound.

VoIP relies on existing Internet and broadband connections – saving you money by saving on infrastructure. Despite this, VoIP requires both power and internet access to operate. It is possible to lose VoIP service if these are lost for any reason.

A voice chat is faster than a phone call and easier than email if maximum efficiency is what you are after. Think about a screen-sharing situation where you might need opinions or suggestions. When you use voice chat, there is no dialing, no waiting for rings, or wasting time on formalities of a traditional phone call. Moreover, it eliminates any pondering over how to compose it to be understandable for everyone. Besides, your typing speed is probably faster than your talking speed. There are no losers here.

Benefits of Voice Chat for Your Team

Emails and instant messaging are likely to take up a significant amount of your working time every day. Though efficient in and of themselves, these impersonal ways of communicating can deteriorate teamwork and camaraderie over time. Team members can communicate instantly and efficiently with voice chat.

For example, say you’re using a tool like Werk to work on a project or report – voice chat can be used to give you immediate feedback. In addition to being impersonal and emotionless, emails lack urgency. However, instant messaging still cannot account for the lack of compassion in much modern communication. The advantages of voice chat are that you can hear a natural human voice, and you don’t have to respond instantly.

Following are some of the advantages of voice chats:

  • Communicate concisely and clearly

Misunderstandings are minimized when communication is conducted by audio. A simple phone call can walk you through complicated steps.

  • Excellent Alternative to Video Call

Video fatigue is a real thing. Constant video chats have caused stress to people from all walks of life. Voice chat can help you get rid of this problem with its valuable features and simple interface.

  • Budget-Friendly

Calls made in the app are significantly cheaper than those made outside of the app. You don’t need any expensive equipment or maintenance with voice chat apps, as you would with traditional phone calls.

  • Easy to use

Using audio calls allows you to connect quickly and easily. By scrolling down your contact list within the app, you can easily find your contacts. It takes only a few clicks or touches to join. When people are on local or international phone calls, they can instantly interact due to high-speed internet connectivity. Furthermore, with the right technology, calls can be made over various devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

  • Conference Calls

With in-app calls, you can have a conference where many participants can engage in a conversation together. This is the ideal setup for whether you need to conduct business meetings, medical consultations, financial consultations, or HR interviews.

  • Excellent Quality

When compared with standard phone services, a voice chat application offers eminent quality benefits. There are no drops or interference issues during the communication process.

  • Safe

A call made through the app is much more secure than a traditional phone call. Secure data transmission is ensured with advanced voice chat solutions, which use encryption protocols.

  • Consistent and Convenient

One of the best benefits of voice chat is that it is free. The call will never exceed your budget, regardless of the number of time zones involved. There is no charge for it. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

Voice chat is no exception, as juggling tasks and devices have made usability more critical than ever. Voice chat is possible from all of your devices, even when you’re mobile. Chat with a friend by choosing the appropriate icon from your online contacts. A simple one-two-three approach, that’s all.

Understandably, you’d wonder about privacy and security with so many advantages. For example, Werk provides strong encryption for voice chats.

As the world becomes more dynamic and results-oriented, the pace of life is undoubtedly quickening. In addition, we’re more connected than ever thanks to the many devices available to us and the variety of communication methods we have at our disposal. A key aspect of this equation, however, is how you communicate. Your enterprise communication needs go beyond email, texts, and instant messaging. You should try voice chat to see what value it can add to your internal communication strategy for truly effective, efficient, and meaningful collaboration.

Voices are powerful instruments. It takes only a few words to gauge the level of interest and mood of another person. There is evidence that having our attention focused elsewhere facilitates emotional connection. 

What Werk is Offering?

Using Werk voice chat feature, you can smoothly run your business from anywhere. You can also connect with your team 24/7 with Werk from any place in the world.  The dynamic features offered by the Werk will change how you operate your business. You can efficiently and successfully lead your team with this app. You’ll get the following benefits by using Werk:

  • Manage Video Call Fatigue

Voice chat offers a natural experience to anyone who is using it. The screen doesn’t have to be stared at all the time. As a result, you will get rid of the fatigues caused by video chatting apps.

  • Collaborate Easily

Werk offers an easily manageable user interface that is so smooth that anyone can use it without prior experience. You can collaborate quickly with your team and achieve business goals without any hassle.

It is like working in the same office and talking with your colleague while working on the same desk.

  • Save time

People are fed up with current video calling apps because these apps take so much of your time setting a call. You need to set up a microphone, virtual background, and more. Werk makes your communication easier and effective because you don’t have to go through all these procedures. On Werk, You just need to click the join button and start collaborating with your teammates. Besides, you can also use the screen sharing feature to share important information.

Let Werk brighten your day. It will increase your productivity and let you accomplish more work in no time at all. Take advantage of countless opportunities at (app link) to achieve the success you always dreamt of achieving.

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