How we got visitors and sign-ups to our product with Facebook apps crashing?2 min read

Experience Remote Work Dec 24, 2021 2 min
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How we got visitors and sign-ups to our product with Facebook apps crashing?2 min read

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“It was the middle of a standard working day. While I was checking the sprints of the week in Werk, I was also looking at the posts in the Facebook groups. For a moment I thought my internet was down because Facebook pages were not loading. But when I realized that I could send messages from Werk I realized there was a problem with Facebook, then Whatsapp, then Instagram. I thought it was a momentary problem and continued to work, but when I couldn’t get a message from WhatsApp for 2 hours, it was obvious that there was a serious problem. What about the employees who communicated on WhatsApp, how did they communicate? Could a fast real-time marketing campaign be organized as Werk? Yeah!”

When Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were crashed, we thought that it is an opportunity to do real-time marketing for people who uses Whatsapp for team communication. We immediately created social media posts and email campaigns and share them with our users. Here is what we got and how.

Email Campaign

We wanted to take attention from our leads who use Whatsapp for team collaboration and we prepared a small and quick email campaign to get them registered and use Werk for team collaboration. Here is the mail and statistics

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real-time email campaign
  • Email sent: 305 people
  • Open Rate: %45 ( 138 people )
  • Clicked the “Get Started” Link : %15 (45 People)
  • Sign Up: %4 (14 Sign Up)

Linkedin Post

We have shared a post on Linkedin that can get engagement and we asked people “Raise your hand if your app/website is still working”

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Twitter Post

We also wanted to share a tweet that can be a kind of offensive

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Twitter Post

For social media statistics, we have reached around 2000 people and get %15 traffic to our landing page.

To sum up, we tried to produce something from the topic that everyone was talking about and we have reached to people in a different way without boring marketing campaigns. Real-time marketing can be very effective If you use it at the right time with the right content and you can absolutely gain something.

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