How To Work Remote With Werk3 min read

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How To Work Remote With Werk3 min read

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Although the world is getting used to remote work or working from home, it can still be difficult to collaborate and motivate your remote workers in these situations. Despite working remotely has advantages, unfortunately, there are too many communication problems. Some communication problems faced by remote teams are living in different countries, time zone differences, and lack of person-to-person communication. In addition, there are problems in organizing, being productive, achieving goals, and ensuring effective working hours.

As Werk team, we believe that working effectively is not related to physically being in the same office. If you have the right tool to communicate with your team and collaborate with your remote workers, you may even be surprised at the success you can achieve with working remotely. Werk is an all-in-one work management tool created to make a more efficient workspace. Wherever your team is in the world, we have created the most productive collaborative workspace for you. Listed here are some of the best tools to help you collaborate and communicate effectively with your team.

Task Management

An essential part of project management tools is a good task assignment system. Assigning tasks can be quite challenging, especially for remote teams. Project management and task control are very easy with Werk. You can assign tasks to a person or a group of people or departments. In addition, you can prioritize the tasks, most importantly, you can quickly check the status of the tasks.

Document Management

Organizing files and projects while working remotely and not losing their order is almost a dream. We care about document management so Hyperdocs is here. No need to use multiple file applications to share files and keep files together, and to work together on a project as a group. You can share and store files in Werk. You can share the file you edited with your team or anyone you want and work on it together

Voice Chat

Communication is of great importance when working remotely therefore our communication tools are really powerful. Messaging isn’t the best communication tool for teams that’s why Werk has a voice chat section. If you want to be able to take quick actions while working remotely, you should be able to reach your team whenever you want. With the Voice Chat feature, you do not have to make an extra effort to create and share links for each meeting. Departments can communicate between themselves or individually at any time via voice chat with a clean user interface.

Voice chat

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