How Werk uses Werk?6 min read

Remote Work Werk Tips Dec 24, 2021 4 min
How to use Werk?
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How Werk uses Werk?6 min read

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Imagine that you are using your product for building an all-in-one remote toolkit by working remotely. So that every step that you apply in our team develop Werk because it is all about better remote collaboration.

Our biggest customer and users are the Werk team itself because how the Werk team uses Werk is the key factor that directly affects our product.

In this article, we want to explain step by step how we as Werk team are using Werk.

Before everything: Faster, easier and simpler collaboration without fatigue

As a team that has been working remotely for more than 2 years ( some of us even more than 6 years) everyone was significantly experienced about what is an ideal remote team and what they need as a tool that can handle all the businesses in one platform. The issues that we all complained about were similar, using a lot of tools during the day and wasting a lot of time by unnecessary video meetings. We wanted to be faster, easier to be contacted, and get rid of dozens of tools and put them together into one platform with only necessary features.

The center is better communication

We were tired of scheduling a video call, copying the link, adding it to the calendar and expecting everyone to click the link and set all the camera and microphone settings. These were taking time and making us slow. We just wanted to click the button and start communication fast and easy for our daily meetings. That’s how we designed voice chat that has to be the center of the tool.

What is a channel and how do we use channel structure?

Werk’s channels are designed to gather people for the same project, team, sprints or even just for chatting. We create channels according to subteams under Werk such as growth, frontend, backend or for issues like investments and enterprises. Each channel has it’s own voice room, task manager, thread chat and hyperdocs. So that each processes and items are separated easily by channel structure

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How do we do daily meetings with voice chat?

Joining your meetings on your product is just priceless. We don’t need to use any other tool to communicate and this is extremely motivating us while joining any meeting.

Every morning at 10.30 a.m we meet at “Werk Daily” channel and update each other about what has been done and what will be done. Since we are still a small team ( 11 people ) everyone tells their updates to the whole team so we are all updated about development, marketing, product and other business works. Some may find this unnecessary, but discussing who will take what action in the next step of the work we have completed and what the results will be makes the whole team more motivated and active.

On daily meetings, we can easily track the tasks on the same channel, view the statuses and all the details. We don’t need to open another chrome tab and follow the tasks from there. If someone is on the road or far away from the PC, they can easily join the meeting from their smartphones because Werk has both İOS and Android apps. There is no room for excuses to miss the meeting. At the end of the daily meeting, those who need to continue the meeting can continue their meetings by switching to different channels such as growth, development or mobile. There is no need to create a new link and share it over and over again.

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How do we create and track tasks with a task manager?

Imagine how many hours did you spend to learn your current task manager tool? If you ever not close to digital tools, it’s way more complex. So, one of the things that we like about our task manager is it’s super easy and customizable. Learning Werk’s task manager will take the same amount of time as solving an Elementary-level math problem.

Generally we add our tasks while we are planning the sprints. According to our roadmap, we meet in a channel with the team and decide the sprint’s tasks together. When we agree to the plan, the person who is responsible for the tasks will complete the task’s details like description, files and documents.

As we said, you can fully customize the task manager by columns and each task has its column elements. For example if the task is related to sprint-54, bug fix and high priority, we can tag it with the predetermined elements.

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How do we document with hyperdocs?

Documentation is one of the key elements while working remotely because every important word, plan and other things should be documented.

Every created channel has its hyperdocs section and each member who is involved in the channel can create and edit the previous one. It allows us to view and update the hyperdocs without any sharing or copying the link. If we want to share the hyperdocs with external people, we can make any document as public and share with them easily.

Hyperdocs templates are what makes our work easier and faster. We create different templates for repeated documents such as meeting notes, product requirements or weekly reports and fill the required fields without creating them over and over again. If an hyperdocs is related to a task, we connect them and view the document into any task.

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Werk hyperdocs


We wanted to share how we as Werk team use Werk to give you a usecase. We all know that building a product and running a startup as a team is not easy at all, especially while working remotely but we have already passed the adoption stage and we really enjoy being the biggest customer of ourselves.

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